Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Pursuit of USDF Dressage Awards

I have let this blog sit idle for a while. I have been very busy with lessons, horse-buying, consulting with people in setting up horse businesses of their own, helping with riding programs, and generally more hands on work lately.
I posted last September that I wanted to work towards getting USDF rider awards for myself. I have never pursued this before, because my focus was always the horses. You can read more about that here if you want.

I found out that USDF has added more awards to their programs! There are performance certificates for Training Level through Second Level, and of course the USDF Medal Program (Bronze-2 scores above 60% at each of First, Second and Third Levels; Silver-2 scores above 60% at Fourth and Prix St. George; and Gold-two scores at each of Intermediarre and Grand Prix).

I began the pursuit last September with successful scores in each level (Training and First Level), and got half the scores I need for the performance certificates at both levels. The First Level scores also gave me the scores I need for the First Level requirements for the Bronze Medal) I have a show scheduled for June at New Smyrna Beach, and if Bogart and I are successful, we will have achieved all the scores we need for the performance certificates at Training and First Level! Even at 25 years old, I know he can do it! He is such a good boy.

I don't know, however, if he will be able to do Second Level competitively. He can (and does) do all the elements of second level in training sessions, but asking for 100% all the way through a test is another story. We will see, and I will make an evaluation before the next show in September. If he can do Second Level, I will have two-thirds of the required scores for the Bronze Medal.

Then, I will have to see about a horse who can do third level, or train one of the horses I am now riding up to that level--I have a 3 year old who is just starting his dressage training, an 8 year old, who is at first level now, and a 12 year old who is confirmed first level, doing well at the second level movements, and working some of the third level movements, but I don't know if he is strong enough for good, clean flying changes. We will see.

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