Monday, April 26, 2010

How do you learn about horseback riding?

How do books factor into your riding education? Do you read about horses in general, riding? Do you peruse or pour over the how-to books? Do you use them as a theoretical base, and then support that with regular lessons, or clinics?
I am very curious as to what other people's plan for progression is.
I would love to get some comments with answers to some questions--

1. Do you take lessons or clinics and if so, how often?

2. Do you depend on horseshows to rate how you are progressing--in other words, how well you do in shows lets you know how well your training/riding regime is going?

3. Do you just ride for pleasure with no instruction (or training for your horse), and don't show?

4. Do you pick up tips by reading books, or magazine articles (or on the internet)?

5. Do you pick up tips by talking to other horsepeople that you feel know more than you?

Long or short answers, whatever you feel like. And feel free to add your own questions if you think of any additional ones that would fit with this topic. Thanks!

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