Sunday, October 25, 2009

USDF/USEF Region III Dressage Championships

The Region III Dressage Championships are being held (today is the last day) this year in Wellington at the Jim Brandon Arena. I mentioned this when I listed the results for IRIDE Dressage in the post on 9/21/09 in this blog.

Friday and Saturday was the pre-show qualifier, and the Championships are on Saturday and Sunday.

I decided to drive down and watch Saturday's competition, since all levels were scheduled, plus the Freestyles in each level were ridden Saturday afternoon, and I love watching freestyles as much as anyone else. All four arenas had rides scheduled from 8am to almost 5:30pm--no sign of a recession here.

Judging are Gary Rockwell, Thomas Poulin, Dinah Babcock, Mary Lewis, Lois Yukins, and Joan Humphries. Each ring had a judge at C and a judge at B--who judged where and when is listed for each class on the results pages available on

Full results from Friday and Saturday's pre-show qualifiers are already posted on the linked page. Scroll down towards the bottom of that page and you will see the show listed and the results by day. Saturday had not been posted yet, as of this writing, but this management team is phenominal with publishing results in a timely manner, so I am sure they will all be available within 48 hours of the show's end.

For some beautiful pictures of the competitor's, visit the official photographer's site click on Photos on the top menu bar, and it will open the picture galleries. It usually takes them a few days to a week to post pictures, and the show isn't even over yet, so be patient. You can always come back here to get the link to check on the pictures. WARNING-when they do get posted, these photos are copyrighted, and are the property of Horse Sports Photography. You may look, but you may not copy or use these photos in any fashion....doing so is a violation of copyright law.

To give a general preview of Saturday until the results are posted officially, I checked the scoreboard at about 3pm. Most scores for the day were in the range of the 60's with a few 50's and a few 70's for Saturday.

Some of the more nationally recognized names who competed are Michael Poulin, Bent Jensen, Lisa Wilcox, Marco Bernal, Gwen Poulin, Linda Alicki, Heather Bender, just to name a few.

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