Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shark Tank

I love the ABC show "Shark Tank". I think it is genius! It is the very best reality show on television now, and maybe ever. Why, you say? Because it is entertaining, educational, and inspiring.

I also love the "Sharks". They are real. What I mean by that is they are real people, with personalities that they are proud of and don't mind sharing with the audience. I know that there is a lot of prep work and auditions that we don't see, and that we only see a staged glimpse of what goes on in the real world, but what separates this show from the other reality shows is that every other situation is contrived--it is not really the way things would happen. Not the case, here. I have a feeling that this is very on-point with the way things happen on this level of the business world.

It is hard to pick a favorite shark, but I actually like Kevin O'Leary best. I identify with his style of business approach. Unemotional (and I will talk more about this later) is the only way to do business--any business. But I also believe that he shines (for me) as much because of the interactions with the other personalities in the room as anything else. I love the way their characters have developed over the course of the series so far, and I think this show has unlimited potential for subsequent seasons, as I think the American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well--and in this economy, searching for alternative funding and capital investment. The banks surely aren't our friends anymore (were they, ever?).

I do have the entrepreneurial spirit, in spades. My business is successful, in its niche. My business certainly wouldn't be attractive to the sharks, because it is a niche-business, and is wholly based on in-person services at this point. That doesn't mean that it might not evolve into something that would be attractive to them, as I am always thinking, planning, assessing and adjusting my business model to keep bringing added-value to my customers and keep my business fresh and interesting. I believe I have made the correct business decisions and am constantly researching and re-assessing every aspect of my business. This benefits my clients, and when I benefit my clients, I benefit my business.

I would LOVE to hear from you guys and gals who are reading this blog--do you watch this show?, what you think of it?, and do you see any correlation between what is happening for the people on the show and how YOU do business? Please leave a comment! I would love to hear your take on this, and if there is enough interest, maybe I will do a poll......

In subsequent posts, and based on any feedback I get from the posts, I want to talk about the relationship between what we are seeing on the show, and how it relates to and can benefit YOUR business to watch this show, not only for the entertainment value, but for the educational value that is imparted from both sides of the negotiations...and yes, I believe it DOES relate to our horse BUSINESS, too. After all, business is business. Stay tuned for my take

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