Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pondering the Value of the Blog

Wow, it has been five months since my last post (and that sounds like the introduction to a Catholic confession, doesn't it?).  That is why I am pondering the value of this blog, but then again, I think the whole purpose of a personal blog is just to spout off when it is convenient for the writer, yes?

The training of Wimbley has been going extremely well, since the heat and humidity this summer was not nearly as bad as last summer, and so we were able to train pretty much continuously.  We did have a couple of young-horse mishaps in the pasture, resulting in a week or two off here and there, but they were just scuffs; nothing major.  We always worry about the risk of the major stuff, don't we?

One of my students was not so lucky, and her horse had a pasture mishap that will result in several months off.  I feel SO bad for her (and her horse), and will keep my eyes open for an alternative for her, of course.

I remember posting way back when I posted last that my goals included getting my USDF Instructor Certification, since I feel that I am ready for the testing, and also signing up as a participant in one of the "L" judge's programs to start my journey to be a dressage judge.  Well, no one in all of North America has offered the certification testing (or workshops, or pre-certs, or anything), so I am still waiting for the opportunity to open up.  I do need to email the USDF liaison for the program and ask if they have a list that I can be put on to receive information for whenever someone does decide to offer any part of the program (and also to make sure they have all the information about my participation in previous workshops and pre-certs up to date!)

There were two different organizers offering the "L" program, and they were already full (there is a limit on the number of participants allowed in each program) when I contacted each organizer, so I missed out on both!  I did tell the organizer of the one here in Florida that I would like for her to contact me first when they offer the next one.  I never even heard back from the organizer of the other "L" program, so I guess she was inundated with participants.  Oh well, I will keep trying to reach her, as well.

I have decided to retire Bogart, my 27 year old gelding.  He still looks good, and is sound when not being ridden, but is starting to be just "not quite right" when worked, so I don't want to hurt him.

I have also become the sole owner of the mare that I had in partnership with another person.  I am conditioning her for next spring to breed her, and I am considering the options that are available to me.  I will be posting some of the options, and thinking out loud here on the blog about which direction to go, so I will be so grateful for suggestions as we go along here, as well!  Please feel free to jump in with a suggestion or observation as it comes up!  I will post her information, pedigree, history, etc. in subsequent posts.  Pictures, too!

Well, that catches us up on the generalities of the last five months.  I will post more specifics (and more frequently) in the future.