Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mishap

We were scheduled to ride both days, but we were going to bring the horses back home overnight, instead of leaving them at Lana’s, so we didn’t have a stall.  Edie was riding after me, and so I loaded Wimbley in the trailer to let him stand while Edie and Dance had their lesson.
As I was putting up the butt bar, Wimbley moved back and I got my finger caught between the butt bar and the trailer, resulting in a rather nasty smashing injury that ultimately required stitches.
I caught Wimbley who had backed out of the trailer, and was holding him and trying to hold my finger together, which was bleeding profusely.
Lana and her friend showed up with bandages, and someone took Wimbley from me. I wasn’t paying attention, and they tied Wimbley to my trailer in a bad spot. So while I was being bandaged, Wimbley caught himself on the trailer upper door in the forehead, and pulled back, breaking the leadrope snap, and sitting down and then rolling backwards. He just laid there for a minute (I think he was stunned), and then got up as if he was supposed to be laying there, and walked over to Dance. As I took his halter, Edie realized he had cut his forehead open and required stitches as well….
To make a long story short, we had to give our second ride to another of my students; Wimbley and I received five stitches apiece, and were out of commission for two weeks.
The vet did a much better job of stitching Wimbley than the emergency room did stitching me, and I was the reason for the long delay in training.  We joked for weeks that I should have had the veterinarian stitch me up as well.  I know it would have been cheaper! 

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