Monday, April 25, 2011

November and December 2010 Training Journal

In November and December, we concentrated on becoming stronger and more consistent in the quality of the working gaits, a clearer understanding of the driving aids and suppling aids, and started with a few steps of leg yield.  His understanding of leads is getting much better, and he steps into the canter rather than running into it.  He still wants to use his neck to help him jump into the canter, but again, strength and balance will improve the quality of the jump, so I am not worried about that.  Just more consistent practice in the training schedule will rectify that.  This is part of the journey that we can’t hurry.  It will come; things take time.  I can't help but say again that he is one of the easiest and most willing horses I have ever had the pleasure to ride.  It is difficult to resist the urge to ask him to try more than he is strong enough to do, but I do resist.  It is too important to have this horse remain willing, trusting and happy in his work to mess around with the silly stuff that will come in time.

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