Thursday, February 25, 2010

Florida's Winter Weather

I am not usually one to complain about the weather. I know that (almost) everyone in New England and the Midwest long to spend the winter months on the horse show scene in Florida, whether it is Wellington, Orlando, Tampa, or Ocala (with Jacksonville sneaking in there, too).
Even though I am here year-round, I depend on our winter weather as much as anyone. It is not because I can't get anything done in the summer (I am used to the heat--kind of), but the show season doesn't adjust because we have crappy weather, and my seasonal students are only here from November through April.
There are two reasons that I will cancel lessons. Those are, wind and lightning. Lightning is fleeting (along with really heavy rain), and the lessons can be adjusted by a half hour or so to accomodate, so it is not usually a problem, and rarely occurs in the winter months anyway.
Wind is another story. I hate wind. Here in Florida it is usually on the cool side (this year on the cold side) when the wind blows more than 10 miles per hour....not counting hurricanes, but that is another story.
My point is (and yes, I am whining) that this year it has been cold and windy in the extreme. I have probably given up 1/4 of my lesson income this season, not to mention that my seasonal students are not getting the opportunity for advancing at the same rate as in years past.
It has been windy to the point that the students can't hear the instruction, and I am not one to use a megaphone. I could use the two-way systems, but the ones I have tried are affected by the wind, as well. Mind you, 8-10mph is okay, but we have had winds in excess of 15mph with higher gusts. And what is with these temps!?!?! LOL I feel like I am in Michigan on the banks on the Lake instead of the tropics.
Whew, I am finished with my vent.....anyone else care to share about the weather (good or bad) in your neck of the woods?


  1. Just stumblen through...sorry to giggle but around here there have been weeks at a time with wind above 15 mph then absolutley no wind and temps below zero for week or so. We have a 20 degree minnimum, It seems it is hard for students to listen if they are shivering too much:) I guess it is what you're used too. Spring is now in full muddness and there is the feeling of coming out of hibernation. Finally!

    Enjoyed reading your post

  2. Hi Reluctant Cowboy (love the name!),

    I know, we are really wimpy here in Florida! LOL
    Thanks for stumbling through...hope you liked it enough to visit often!

    I have property in north Alabama, and even when it is snowing there, it doesn't seem as cold as it does here when it drops below 50!

    Thanks for posting, and I hope for a warm and not too muddy spring for you!